Blog > iCloud Unlock Service; Limited Slots Left, Service Down Soon

Dear Customers,

We have reliable information that Apple will soon patch the iCloud server bug that is being used by our inside sources to perform the iCloud removal service to remove the iCloud block (also known as iOS 7 Activation lock) on iPhones and iPads.

Next two iCloud unlock batches are being submitted Tuesday and Thursday, Aug.19 and Aug.21, with 150 slots for each day only possible. The iCloud service will go down as soon as Apple patches the bug. We believe this will occur by the end of this month .We apologize to bulk clients needing larger quantities. Unfortunately, the supply of available iCloud unlock slots is dwindling and we cannot guarantee availability of slots or service by the end of this month.

Slots are first come, first serves.

If you have iCloud-locked devices, we strongly recommend you order the iCloud Unlock Bypass Service while slots are still available and the bug has not been patched yet by Apple.

Please contact us at support[at] to reserve guaranteed spots for iCloud service or for questions -